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Our Service

Our ServiceAt Marukatu, we carry out three major categories of business.
First is business related to the environment and energy conservation. We propose achieving harmony with the environment and reducing energy consumption by using glass films. We have an array of products in our lineup, from sunlight-blocking glass films to heat-shielding films and anti-shatter films. Next is business related to building construction and interior decoration focusing on both interior and exterior renovations. Unlike large-scale refurbishments, we use design sheets to enable fashionable and personalized makeovers in a short period of time. This is drawing attention as a new form of housing renovations requiring short construction periods. And last is business related to crime prevention. We install and sell security window films that demonstrate exceptional crime prevention capabilities. Incidence of burglary and break-ins continues to rise in recent years. Use of security window films is drawing strong attention as a crime prevention measure to ward off thieves. In addition, we aggressively carry out crime prevention activities, mostly in our hometown prefecture of Chiba, and handle crime prevention and other devices as well.

Businesses related to the environment and energy conservation

Marukatu is engaged in offering comprehensive services that include the construction and sale of products primarily made by 3M (glass films, Di-NocTM films, AutoFilms, etc.) as well as by Sangetsu Co., Ltd. (glass films, Reatec, etc.). We respond to our customers’ needs and requests with the finest technologies fostered through our long years of experience, such as using sunlight-adjusted and shielding films to save electricity, and using shatter-proof glass films to minimize damages in the event of earthquake.

Businesses related to building construction and interior decorating

A new type of housing renovation using 3M’s Di-NocTM films and Sangetsu’s Reatec is drawing enthusiastic attention in recent years. A wide variety of sheets is available, such as colored, grain-textured, pebbly, and carbon types, so you can select the sheet you like and redecorate various locations inside your house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The possibilities are endless. Renovation work using sheets has an overwhelming advantage in terms of speed: construction can be completed in as little as one day (several hours). Prices are reasonable, too. Marukatu receives a wide range of renovation and refurbishment requests from equally diverse customers, from large-scale commercial establishments to offices and stores, as well as apartment houses and single-family houses.


■ Second-Class Building Operation and Management Engineer

■ First-Class Film Installation Engineer for Building

■ Senior Scaffolding Work Manager

■ Operation License for Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Platforms

■ Master Workman & Safety and Health Controller

■ Security System Specialist (National Police Agency)

■ Crime-Prevention Film Installation Engineer for Building

■ Wall Covering Installation Manager

■ Engineers completed “Special Education for the Work of Handling Gondolas”

 (Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health)

■ Employment Administration Manager

 ■ Cooks License ■ Hazardous Materials Engineer (Class C “Otsu”, Type 4)

Businesses related to crime prevention

Here are some of the crime prevention-related products and equipment we handle, including security window films, surveillance cameras and drive recorders. Our security window films protect your assets from burglaries and break-ins whose incidence is rising dramatically in recent years. If you are considering measures to protect your house from crime, we recommend that you take precautionary measures in advance by installing security window films and surveillance cameras.