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Privacy Policy

We promise to manage all our customers’ personal information safely and securely.
Marukatu Co., Ltd. asks all users to provide minimum personal information to guarantee that they can use our products with peace of mind. Marukatu takes every precaution to safeguard your personal information. Our views on protecting personal information are as follows:

  • ■ Marukatu shall use the information on registered individuals, groups and corporations only for the purpose of developing and offering the latest functions and services, and shall pay utmost attention to protect personal information. 

  • ■ This Privacy Policy shall be applied only to the services provided by Marukatu Co., Ltd. (Scope of application is stipulated below, in Section 1.) 

  • ■ Information shall not be used outside the purposes, except where such usage is clearly stated in these regulations. (The purposes are stipulated below, in Section 2.)
  • ■ Information shall not be disclosed to any third party except where such disclosure is clearly stated in these regulations. (Management is stipulated below, in Section 2.)
  • ■ In addition, Marukatu shall manage personal information appropriately and periodically, using the methods stipulated in these regulations. 

  • ■ Marukatu may revise the content of the Privacy Policy without obtaining users’ permission. If changes had been made to the content of the personal information obtained, to the method of using personal information, and/or to the content disclosed, etc., Marukatu shall notify the users by publishing the changes in the “News” section of the company website, and reflecting them in this Privacy Policy, to allow the users to learn the details of the changes. 

1.The scope to which Marukatu’s views on Privacy Policy will be applied 

  • ■ Views on Privacy Policy held by Marukatu Co., Ltd. shall be applied to cases where customers use the services provided by Marukatu. 

  • ■ Personal information gathered when customers use the services provided by Marukatu shall be managed in line with Marukatu’s views on the protection of personal information.
  • ■ Views on the protection of personal information held by Marukatu shall apply only to services provided directly by Marukatu. Any services provided by other organizations, corporations, etc., that are connected via a link or other means shall be outside the scope of application. 

  • ■ Services offered by Marukatu shall be used on the users’ own responsibility.

  • ■ Marukatu shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any and all losses that have accrued by using various types of information obtained from this website as well as from the websites of other entities linked from this website.

2.Collection and use of personal information by Marukatu 

To develop and offer the latest functions and services to the customers, Marukatu requires several types of personal information.

  • ■ The personal information collected shall be used only within the extent necessary for providing Marukatu’s services, and shall not be provided to any third party except in the following cases: 

  • ■ If individuals have consented to it
    • - If emails are to be sent to seek consent about the use of personal information 

    • - If information is to be disclosed, only to the extent necessary, to corporations with which we have concluded a secrecy agreement in advance (such as business subcontractors, etc.)
    • - If emails and/or direct mail are to be sent to advertise and promote Marukatu or Marukatu’s business partners, etc. 

    • - If disclosure of personal information is demanded by the order of the court or administrative agencies, or by any other legal stipulations, or if there are needs such as criminal investigation, elimination or prevention of violation of rights vis-à-vis a third party, or any other equivalent needs 

  • ■ Marukatu may also share our customers’ personal information with our business partner(s) in the following cases:
    • - If there are business-based reasons such as provision of special services: In this case, we will seek the consent of an individual prior to providing information. Customers’ personal information shall never be provided without their consent.
    • - If statistical materials are to be drawn up, or if market surveys or data analyses are to be conducted: In this case, we will provide only the information that had been processed to prevent specific individuals from being identified.

3. Inquiries

  • For inquiries or for more information, please send email to