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Ecological activities

Ecological activitiesWith the issue of future energy vigorously being discussed, what can we, as a corporation, do? Our energy sources are finite, and will be depleted, sooner or later. No effective means of alternative energy have yet been established. However, it is also true that, unless we use such limited energy, we cannot continue to live the way we do now. Therefore, at Marukatu, we set forth “Creating an environment that co-exists with nature” as our theme, and engage in, and help out with, ecological activities. Through endeavors such as these, we engage in daily research to study ways to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. We place particular emphasis on ecological activities using glass film products manufactured by Sumitomo 3M and Sangetsu.

The accident that occurred at the nuclear power plants caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake resulted in a serious shortage of electricity which we have been using freely up to that time. Under the circumstances, ecological activities using glass films which we handle have become the center of attraction. For example, by using glass films to adjust sunlight during summer, we can reduce the temperature inside a room and increase air-conditioning efficiency. This in turn allows us to dramatically reduce power consumption, and also create a pleasant and comfortable interior space. In addition, Clay Paint, a clay coating material made from natural materials, has become one of Marukatu’s best-sellers as a type of paint that is friendly to both people and nature.

Contribution activities

At Marukatu, we take active part in regional crime-prevention and safety activities. As a corporation working closely with the regional community, we carry out a broad range of programs.

Affiliated organizations
Member, Japan Glass Filming Association 

Member, Tokyo Glass Film Business Cooperative 

Member, Chiba Prefectural Security System Specialist Association (Senbosetsu)

Member, Association of Window Film for Security and Energy Saving 

Member, Committee to Promote the Creation of a Safe, Crime-Free City of Narita

1. Creating a safe, crime-free Narita City Project
  Donation of a drive recorder to the Narita City Office

2. Elementary schools in Chiba City 
  Free installation of security window films, etc.

Contribution activities